2019-12-14 - Deus x Norton 057

Deus & Norton

Dropped into The House of Simple Pleasures on Saturday morning as Deus Ex Machina & Norton Motorcycles celebrate a new partnership seeing Deus stocking Norton.Norton enjoys a unique place in motorcycle history, drawing inspiration from the past ... Read More.
2019-12-06 - Benzin 005


If you know Daniel Karjadi of OFIM/Monday Made fame, then you know the quality of his work.  I dropped by his latest venture, Benzin Café in Dural to check the ... Read More.


Hate is a strong thing, and sometimes, whether we like it or not, negativity gets under the skin making for some sleepless nights. Online forums were once p... Read More.

Chen Lu

It's a small world. I've had SO many cases of 7 degrees of separation and coincidences in my life that they rarely surprise me anymore. What I tend to do these days is just acknowledge that I'm not in control of my own life, and to just embrace these... Read More.

Just Like Dad

Art, Cars, Aquariums, Food... everything he was into I'm now into. It's strange how much I've become like Dad (RIP) over the years. As a kid you kinda think everything your parents do is embarrassing, but in my case everything my parents did ended... Read More.