Almost Sober

Tool’s ‘Sober’ is a song about a friend of the band whose artistic expression only comes out when he is under the influence. “A lot of people give him shit for ... Read More.
2019-03-18 - Threesome x WTAC 021

WTAC 2019 Meeting

Monday Funday! We met up with Ian Baker and Alain Sihaphone to discuss design and marketing ideas for WTAC 2019. For huge reasons, WTAC almost didn't happen this year (DO NOT BE one of those people that end up saying "Oh I wish I went to WTAC when... Read More.
2019-03-03 - Auto Brunch 077

Auto Brunch [March]

The first Sunday morning of the month is almost a sacred time for car enthusiasts.  There are a myriad of car meets and shows to attend, but few have the variety that I've seen up on the North Shores of Sydney. For a good two+ years my meet of choic... Read More.

Visiting Brett Whiteley’s Studio

Revisited The Brett Whiteley Studio in Surry Hills with Dianne this weekend. It's the workplace and home of one of my favourite Australian Artist's Brett Whiteley (1939–1992). He is represented in the collections of all the large Australian galler... Read More.