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Rattle ‘N’ Hum car show 2015

On Sunday I made my way to Castle Hill for the annual Rattle ‘N’ Hum car show where there were hundreds of cars from Mustangs, MG’s, Lincoln’s and more. Along with the cars there was entertainment and fo...
by Ben Cvoro


Brooklyn Boy Bagels

Brooklyn Boy Bagels (BBB) has opened up in the old school sleepy suburban suburb of Matraville. Owner Michael Shafran looks and sounds the part, with a thick American accent, he’s somehow managed to bring a bit of Brookly...
by Justin Fox



EOMM JUNE 2015 – Shot by Faraz

Even more EOMM JUNE 2015 coverage, this time by our resident EOMM Photographer Faraz, who always brings the goods! Be sure to like his Facebook Page: http://facebook.com/fmugh1
by Zen Garage


Pop Cult Pizza – Sydney Supanova 2015

Supanova is an event that combines almost every form of pop-culture under one roof with equal parts anime/manga otaku, superhero comic book store, renaissance fair, sci-fi convention, video game lounge and celebrity meet &...
by Patrick Stannard



Lantern By Wagaya

Much like Japan, not everything good is on street level, even in Sydney. Lantern by Wagaya in Sydney CBD is the sister restaurant of Wagaya at Haymarket. They’ve got the same fun touch screen ordering system as the Haymar...
by Zen Garage


IOM TT – Directed by Luke Huxham

A tribute film to all the fallen heroes of the Isle of Man TT race since 1907. A look at what drew them to the race and kept them there. Studio Kippenberger assembles the worlds leading automotive filmmakers to bring us IOM TT....
by Zen Garage


2015-06-25 - EOMM-002

EOMM JUNE 2015 – Shot by 300-CPO

Last night’s EOMM was awesome despite the threat of rain (which never came!). The mix is getting stronger. The once JDM dominated meets are now starting to get quite interesting with a much more diverse range of manufactu...
by Zen Garage


Alfa Romeo with the heart of a Skyline

The Alfa Romeo 147 is a car close to our hearts, with our very own Justin Fox once owning one. But this one is slightly different from the rest, combining it’s undeniably Italian styling with the heart of Godzilla. This l...
by Anthony Crivelli



Stop Sharing A Current Affair’s Videos!

I’ve been meaning to write about this for some time now but something always distracts me. I get sent into this white hot rage when I watch any of ACA’s “reports” and then fall asleep and forget about it...
by Lewis Vaughan


“History Garage” – Toyota’s Tribute To The Past

Welcome to Odaiba, a former defensive outpost in Tokyo bay. The artificial island now plays host to “Megaweb” (An automotive theme park run by Toyota), a 24 hour video arcade, an 18 meter tall ‘Gundam’ statue, a nostalg...
by Patrick Stannard


Devan Shiels

Sumospeed Presents: Springfest 2015

Let me first start off by saying, WOW! Recently, I attended Sumospeed’s Springfest event. The event was held at the Virginia Beach Convention Center in Virginia Beach, Virginia. This was my first time attending Springfest, an...
by Antonio Logan


Truganina Cars & Coffee, June 2015

Cars & Coffee meets have become a bastion of car lovers all around the world. With a humble Sunday morning meet starting in Irvine California, its laid back and bring-what-you’ve-got ethos quickly spread to all corner...
by Alex Affat