The Hustle & Flow Podcast

I really miss doing podcasts, so I absolutely jumped at the opportunity to be on Leslie’s Hustle & Flow podcast and it was a blast! We talk about life, and stuff!!! Check it out in the links below (let me know what you think!). PS: If you enjoyed ... Read More.


ASIANS OUT! That’s what I’d see spray painted on the walls in large letters taller than myself all over Anzac Parade Kensington back in the late 80’s. In pr... Read More.
2020-03-15 - PCNSW x Benzin 005

Porsche Club NSW x Benzin

Lazy Sundays at Benzin Cafe are fast becoming a regular hotspot for automotive enthusiasts and foodies alike. We dropped in to catch Porsche Club NSW hosting a social gathering for members and guests. "Press cars" "Three C... Read More.


RISE EXHIBITION. An exhibition using charcoal from the trees burnt in bushfires as a medium to create the works. This is huge! I’m honoured and absolute... Read More.
2020-01-05 - Roadsters Benzin 012

Hittin the Roadster with the Bros

It's a new year, a new decade, Christmas/New Years double demerits are finished, so why not get out and drive with some mates?? The boys from Roadster Bros. Sydney did just that, but with initial plans to do a run up Bells Old Line of Road to Pie In ... Read More.