R&D is Everything

We say it every time people promote knock off wheels; R&D is Everything. Such a good video to show the work put into good design. Fuck knock off products! Think... Read More.

ASIC spends $100,000 on new font

Couldn't help ourselves! Australia's corporate regulator ASIC spends more than $100,000 on new font and branding. This is kicking up a bit of a fuss on our social media feeds, so we thought we'd tweak the design a little. PHOTO: ASIC says its ... Read More.


Funny how everyone asks Step 1): “R U OK?”, but once you tell people you aren’t they forget about Step 2: “Listen; don’t judge” and instead yell: “HE’S LOST IT! TAKE YOUR MEDS CUNT!”. Just sayin’, I’ve come cleaner about my problems than most, in ... Read More.