All new 2016 WTAC ART

We love this year's Shepard Fairey inspired World Time Attack Challenge (WTAC) art, so much so that we decided to get in touch with WTAC marketing and promotions guy Greg Lysien to fill us in on the process. Sharing is caring, and process is king,... Read More.

Game Over

When I got back from Koh Samui earlier in the year I arrived home to a parcel from Ubisoft containing a copy of "The Division" in my mailbox (read my original review of the game here). I've been pretty much hooked on it since then and I've truly c... Read More.


I woke up to kisses on my neck and chest. The 1000 count sheets floated over our heads as she went lower. She eventually sat on top and pin my arms down. I push... Read More.


We spotted a progress shot of Melbourne based sign painter TJ Guzzardi (we're fans and can't wait to work with the guy!) painting on a 911 on his Instagram. We sent him a message and asked for more photos to share with you guys and he's delivered! Wh... Read More.


My phone rings. I don’t pick up. It rings again. I don’t pick up again. Almost instantly, two loud bangs on my door. “Fuck off!” “Open the fucking door, you piece of shit!” She wasn’t angry, just annoyed I didn’t pick up her phone calls. “... Read More.