Penny Skateboards

Emerging in the mid-1970s, plastic injection moulded skateboards were the in thing. I had one, did more sitting on it blasting down hills and grazing my knuckles trying to turn than standing, but that's because I was too shit to do what the rad guys ... Read More.

Fuck cancer I’m Ezra

Ezra Caldwell makes wonderful bikes, and he's been fighting colon cancer since August 2008. I've been a huge fan of his company Fast Boy Cycles ever since getting back on the bike. His builds feature smart design, clean lines, bold and simple col... Read More.

Corcel N°1 Carbon fibre bathtub

Introducing the N°1 Carbon fibre bathtub from Austrian designer bathroom manufacturer Corcel. Sure to be an object of desire for all you carbon fibre junkies out there the N°1 is limited to a production run of only 51 units. Price? If you have to... Read More.

Horrible Logos

This mystery designer has been drawing horrible logos for beer money since 2010. $5/logo, 10 logos/page, 107 pages, you do the math! What a smart bastard! ... Read More.

German Autofest 2011

Yesterday a convoy of Sydney Golfs made the 4.30AM dash across the M5 into Canberra to attend and participate in the German Autofest 2011 Show'n'shine. German Autofest is a celebration of German Automotive Engineering and Design featuring Audis, ... Read More.