suckit 5

Carlos Nunez

Soft, erotic, almost voyeuristic without being at all cheesy. LA based photographer Carlos Nunez has a lot of great work in his folio. Be sure to check out his blog Oh Snaps Carlos for much more sexually charged imagery (love his choice in autos too)... Read More.

Yanni Floros

You've got to be jealous of people who can draw really well. Are these photos, or drawings? Adelaide based Yanni Floros' charcoal artworks are so hyperreal they... Read More.

Salba Cruz

Old school Pro Skater Steve Alba is back on Santa Cruz and together they've launched a new line called Salba Cruz. So far they've got decks (the legendary Lance... Read More.

Beer O’clock

Some art went up today, nice change but we need a shitload more. MERDA - Sergio dropped in today. Friday = Beer O'clock. We downed some James Squire, bounced some dreams then played with some toys. Male bondin... Read More.

Testing pole colours

The fluro red is pretty hardcore in real life. Not sure it's going to work too well in the space. The yellow needs a few more coats but it's the right "industrial" yellow unlike the very pale odd yellow the poles originally were. ... Read More.