Shinya Kimura

Shinya Kimura is a Japanese born custom bike builder that builds 2 wheeled art, famous for founding the "zero-style" movement. He runs his own shop, Chabott Eng... Read More.

Metropolis II

Artist Chris Burden has spent the past 4 years of his life creating this giant installation entitled Metropolis II. Metropolis II features 1500 Hot Wheels toy cars and various electric trains that make their way around a micro-city. Each Matchbox ... Read More.

Luca Barcellona

Milan based Luca Barcellona is a freelance graphic designer and calligrapher. Lettering is his thing. Be sure to watch his breathtaking video below. I could wat... Read More.

Scott Mitchell Photography

All round nice guy Scott Mitchell is currently employed as an events photographer by Mona Vale Hotel but he's making a strong transition from photography to videography. Making the transition from still to motion isn't easy but Scott's a natural. ... Read More.

Benedict Radcliffe

UK based artist Benedict Radcliffe has created some interesting sculpture pieces but he's perhaps most well known for his life size wireframe cars. He started with a WRX in 2005, then a Countach in 2007 and since then he's gained the interest of the ... Read More.

Death Spray Custom

London based Artist David Gwyther of Death Spray Custom turns everything he touches into a work of art whether it's motorcycle helmets, skateboards, bikes, jerry cans, you name it. I've been in touch with the guy to do something special for my Ho... Read More.