August 29th saw over 500 JDM style car enthusiasts turn up for the recent Brisbane JDMST EOMM, giving some of the bigger city meets a run for their money. The meet which was held in the Calamvale central car park welcomed everything from Hondas to... Read More.

Benedict Radcliffe

UK based artist Benedict Radcliffe has created some interesting sculpture pieces but he's perhaps most well known for his life size wireframe cars. He started w... Read More.

MKI Swallowtail Golf Project

Sydneysider 'alex g' joined the VWWatercooled Australia Forums in 2005, and soon after he started a build thread on this 2 door MKI Golf. The build thread is currently 91 pages long, whether you go through it from start to end, or from end to the beg... Read More.

Death Spray Custom

London based Artist David Gwyther of Death Spray Custom turns everything he touches into a work of art whether it's motorcycle helmets, skateboards, bikes, jer... Read More.

WEVO GT3 Cup-engined 911

Porsche hot rod build? No worries. This is a Californian built WEVO (Windrush Evolutions Inc.) 912 with a GT3 Cup engine in the back. YEAHHHH. OK. Apart from the GT3 Cup engine, components include: ceramic brakes, custom stress-analysed cage, carbon ... Read More.