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The 1988 was THE time to be a skater. There was no need for you to be a hipster to fit in (skinny jeans WTF?!) just you, your skateboard and it seemed liked eve... Read More.

Koichi Takada Architects

Japanese-born, Sydney-based Architect Koichi Takada does a great job of incorporating nature into his work. Walking into his "Cave Restaurant" (popular 'Sushi Train' franchise in Maroubra Junction Sydney) is like walking into the body of a whale, whi... Read More.

Where do we land?

Converse China presents “Where do we land?”. A Patrik Wallner skateumentary which follows Chinese skaters Keng Qu, Thrasher, Xu Ying, Blackie, Dan Leung and Xia... Read More.

I’d Rather Be KLUNKING

Back in the 70's Charlie Kelly along with Gary Fisher and Tom Ritchey formed a business venture they called 'Mountain Bikes'. They're the founding fathers of the sport of mountain biking (back then they converted cruiser bikes with drum brakes, steel... Read More.

Doodah Supermodel Series

These decks from Swiss skate company Doodah feature supermodels Abbey Lee Kershaw, Isabeli Fontana, Lara Stone, Toni Garrn, Erin Wasson and Anja Rubik (shot by well respected fashion photographers Claudia Knoepfel and Stefan Indlekofer). Too hot to ... Read More.


Always looking for new wheels, always looking at AE86's too. This is TEC-ART'S Black Limited AE86 drift car (so should have bought one when I once had the chanc... Read More.