Last week I did a little review of the China made TC59 T-Style guitar by Australian company Artist Guitars on ZEN Garage Blog. Turns out a guy who’s been working at Artist Guitars for the past 10 years has been a fan of ZEN Garage for the past 10 years (small world!), he found my review and reached out to see if there was anything they could do regarding the issues I was having with my TC59.

That’s how you do business!

I’ve since been in touch and invited to drop by the Artist Guitars showroom in St. Peters and also invited to join the Artist Guitars Designers group where Artist Guitars collect feedback from a small group of guitarists which helps them shape their future guitar ranges (again, this is good business!).

Transparent, attentive, reactionary and thankful. I get nothing but good vibes from Artist Guitars as a company. I’ll be sure to bring a camera and take some snaps if I do drop past their showroom, and I’m looking forward to seeing what this group is all about too.