Sydney based Artist Nanami Cowdroy took me to this tiny little Japanese yakitori restaurant on Crown St. in Darlinghurst today. We weren’t there for the yakitori though, we were there for their ramen, and get this, they only make 30 bowls of it a day!

Loved the fitout inside, art painted direct onto the concrete walls, a large shared table made of plumbing pipes, wood and stone and a few low tables and stools. It’s instantly welcoming and VERY Japanese. I love it!

Chaco Bar are offering 2 different bowls of Ramen. We ordered both, and made sure to upgrade the shit out of our orders. Extra fat, extra char siu, dumplings and a side serve of gyoza too! One quick sample of both broths had us both in nomland. The gyoza were damn tasty too!

Highly recommend! GO GO GO!


Decor is on point!

The share table in the centre of the tiny restaurant.

Beer selection.

We went for the Yebisu, malty goodness!

The 2 ramen flavours on offer.

The Fat Soy, fully loaded with lots of extra toppings (and max fat!).

The Fish Salt.

Super satisfied Nana!