For the first time in about four or five years, I attended the nationally popular Import Face-Off show in Rockingham, North Carolina. The event is large having a car/truck/bike show, ¼ mile drag racing, burnout contest, stereo contest, low car limbo, and 2-Step/rev competition.

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I arrived at the event a little behind schedule, but I managed to arrive at the show. Only to wait in a long line for almost an agonizing hour. It was like being in The Fast and the Furious scene where Paul Walker waits in a long line to get into Race Wars. Though I’m sure the 2003 Toyota Camry with an exhausting 2.4L engine wasn’t ready to receive it immolate death (LOL!). Any who, I parked the car, ready the camera with a fresh battery, adjusted my white balance, and walked around to see what was at the show. It is so refreshing to be around cars. It is honestly one my favorite past times to enjoy the rich fumes of fuel from the machines driven, seeing the art build on four wheels or two wheels, and congregating with awesome friends.

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(Marcus Lane in his Acura NSX)

Enough of the sap let’s get into the juicy bits, shall we? My friend Marcus own’s the new Acura NSX. Quite the magnificent machine it is with Brixton Forged wheels, tune, and piggyback system. A guy in a Nissan GT-R (R35) wanted to run him. Well, on the first run Marcus beat Godzilla in the quarter at 11sec. flat. The guy in the GT-R wanted to run him again because he didn’t use launch control (smh). Over in the car show my friends in Team RPM were sitting pretty near the car limbo area. Whilst this mesmerizing RHD Subaru Forester STI was the second car to captivate my eyes. The overcast lighting making the World Rally Blue shimmer and shine. The cleanliness is spectacular inside and out in the engine with subtle bolt-ons. Moving right along to one of the wildest builds on four wheels that I will ever see with my own eyes. The Chevrolet Geo Tracker! I know, I know it’s a Geo Tracker, but hear me out my friends. It is not just any Geo Tracker. This monster has a 6-71 Blown Chevy 350, 600hp shot NOS 4 Stage’s, and full tube chassis with 4 link rear. Nos bottles as door handles too! Get this, it is street legal! MAD!

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Alright, enough talk! It was an awesome time there at the event. Until next time my friends and family. Enjoy the resplendent array of awesome images from Import Face-Off Rockingham

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