I woke up to kisses on my neck and chest. The 1000 count sheets floated over our heads as she went lower. She eventually sat on top and pin my arms down. I pushed up and kissed her. Again and again. Lips locked I sat up and pulled her towards to my chest. Her legs moved and wrapped around my waist fitting like a jigsaw puzzle, together we emerged from under the sheets. Her hair was everywhere, mascara smudge on the edges, her light brown eyes stared into mine as her hands tilted my head towards hers. I kissed her again.

We left the room with half eaten plates of food and empty bottles everywhere. I closed the door behind us and with nothing but the clothes we wore and the half bottle of Dom that remained. She held the bottle and I had the keys. It was routine for us. We came, we saw and we destroyed – always together.

‘Bonjour Monsieur, how can I be of assistance today?’

‘Bonjour, Just checking out and can I get my car please?’

‘Certainly Monsieur, your car is out the front and thank you for staying at the Trianon Palace Versailles.’

‘Merci beaucoup, Ciao!’

She took my hand as we walked out the door as if to face the world together. The morning sunrays cut through the crisp fresh air and every breath was felt sweeter than the one before. Nothing is better than a Parisian summer.

The E-Type purred aggressively as we turned onto Boulevard de la Reine. It’s 12 sharp teeth ready for battle at a moment’s notice. I turned and looked at her, she smiled and nodded. My right foot went down and we roared up the road.

‘Where do you want to go next?’ I said.

‘San Sebastián?’

‘San Sebastián.’