REBUILD the Philippines was on today and Melbourne turned on the weather, hard. So many marshals and volunteers greeted the hoards of amazing rides into the amazing venue in West Melbourne, which almost had a Daikoku Futo vibe going on. We loved it!

We hit the road and just as we got rolling Sergio got pulled over by the Police. Amazingly the cops let us off with a warning, great guys! With huge smiles on our dials we were off to REBUILD.


Tight fit.

E30 love.

JDMS2K – tonnes of presence.

This S14 was stunning in red.


Old Skool Cool.

Have always loved this blue.

Lonnie’s fantastic NA.

Loved this track inspired  EVO.

And this really well executed track inspired  S2K.

Gloss black CE28’s set Kyne’s MKV off.

More Japanese wheels on a Euro.

1 of 2 tough Supras.

2nd tough Supra.

Zero Clearance RPRSNT!

Shade hunting S13.


The Zen Stand.

Cute Couple.

Couldn’t go past this clean and simple FD.

Looks straight outta Japan. Loved this Skyline.

Black on Black RX-8.

Reece running the raffle.

An impressive $5,006.65 was raised for the Red Cross Philippines and a truck load of donated bottled water, canned food, medications, clothes, blankets and toys.