Despite spending the last 2 days working through over 3,000 photos dating back to 2018 with the Patreon trust and safety team I’ve failed to get my Patreon account unsuspended.

End of the day, Patreon (like many other platforms) has changed their guidelines to a point where my work no longer belongs, so I’m making the move to re-upload ALL of my work to DeviantArt.

I’ve been a bit down about it all, won’t lie, and have thought about giving in entirely, but I don’t see myself ever getting back into Graphic Design, and as an Artist, I still NEED to flex my creative muscles, and photography still fills that void.

A sincere thanks to all who have supported me over the years. I’m hoping you’ll continue to support me on DeviantArt.

Visit/Support/Thank You (NSFW warning):