A win for the people.

I’ve been SO fascinated with the gaming industry lately, and there’s been a LOT of backlash against EA over the last week in regards to Star Wars Battlefront 2. What’s amazing is how the community has spoken out, and EA have been forced to make drastic changes eventuating to the largest change of all just hours before launch; the removal of in-game monetisation.

I’m a huge Star Wars fan, and despite wanting to take a stand against EA I’ll no doubt get my hands on the game eventually, but I’m surprised and stoked at just how much influence some of the gaming community has had over EA in this case. It’s pretty special, definitely a bit of a game changer.

To get you up to speed I’ve embedded a few key videos which sum up the entire debacle leading up to now. The first video “Dirty Devs” featured above is by SidAlpha. It’s well crafted, calm and constructive so definitely watch that one. The 2nd guy in the video below is YongYea, who’s been more aggressive in his daily videos covering the lead-up to launch, but he’s been all over it more than most. The 3rd vid down is just one of many videos being uploaded by the minute, of gamers world wide celebrating this momentous victory. And the last video is the nail in the coffin, IGN’s official Star Wars Battlefront II review.

It’s been real!